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When one decides to become a Master, the old self is pushed aside to make room for the new. The Luna Moth is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, renewal of body and soul. 

About the studio

Hello Tarot Masters!

My name is Marcy and I have been a tarot reader for about 10 years.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, I, like everyone else, have spent countless hours watching way too much TV, including YouTube videos. 

I came across so many gifted and lovely tarot readers who have made me a better reader due to observing their techniques and interpretations.  As a result, I was inspired to create the Tarot Masters Studio as a way to showcase and interview the many talented tarot readers and metaphysical practitioners, who are mostly on YouTube, but are everywhere.

Ultimately though, the vision for the Tarot Masters Studio is become an online gathering place where tarot readers can connect with each other and share their knowledge and love of tarot reading.

Masterfully Yours,


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